Our story

Once upon a time... there was the Vola Family.

Vola Eugenio and Soria Ida get married in 1934, year in which the newlywed bride, coming from a town named Calosso, moves with his groom on the St. Grato hill, settling in a house built by Vola Luigi, Eugenio’s father.

The family looked after fields, harvesting Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato grapes, wheat and hazelnuts.

Grandmother Ida helped her husband in the countryside and sold milk downtown.

In addition to working the field, the family also had a farm of rabbits, chickens, a sheep and a cow, whose milk was used to make home-made cheese.

Grandmother "Nonna" Ida

The name of the Rental House was chosen when Adelina, Ida’s granddaughter, felt the need to honor Grandma Ida’s desire of owning a hosting hall, since in the past small houses barely had a kitchen and a bedroom.

The apartment’s names, Fiordaliso (Cornflower) and Papavero (Poppy) come from the fact that in the last Century there were heaps of wheat instead of today’s vineyards. Together with the yellow of the wheat, the colors of poppies and cornflowers filled the view.

"My mother sold milk every day from home to home. We used to cook everything in the house, with healthy products coming from our vegetable garden"
Grandmother Carla

The house today

A few steps from the Vola house rose a stone farmhouse, used as a barn. Inside it were collected straw and alfalfa necessary for feeding the animals, especially the cow, who had to make the milk that Grandma Ida sold downtown, home from home, every day.

Since 2018 Adelina Gonella, Ida’s granddaughter, and its family decided to renovate it, sensing the potential that the view of the hills declared UNESCO World Heritage could offer.

Langhe: the Territory

Since 2014 the Langhe Hills have been declared UNESCO World Heritage and are so protected as Human Heritage. On Santo Stefano hills, what’s mostly harvested is the Moscato grapes, used for Moscato d’Asti Wine and Asti Spumante Docg production. Other wine brands from this territory are Altalanga, a sparkling wine, and Barbera d’Asti and Dolcetto d’Alba, red wines. In the Cuneo and Alba regions we can also find the Langhe big reds, such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Nebbiolo Wines.